LED Graphics

Our Objective is to greatly increase your signs ability to attract viewers.

In 2006 we noticed a large leap in display technology. This technology allowed full color sign to play full motion video. However the software that came with the signs was very limited. The skills of business owners was also a factor. We understand that most owner are not graphic artists and that’s the 2nd reason that more than 90% of all full color LED Signs, do not live up to their potential.

Road side displays can do a great job attracting viewers and delivering a great message. Movements In words ,logos and other objects are eye catchers. When a sign is changed out monthly with our ads, it creates non-compliancey and a very attractive display…All manufacturers say this and most of the time leave a customer disappointed in its performance. That’s where we strive…We learn our clients business and help come up with well design very informative graphic design.


Some of our clients:

  • Mid State pools
  • Shaheens plazas
  • Flooring Specialist
  • Satterfield and Dempsey Jewelers
  • Design Gallery
  • FIVE Star Ford
  • Eagle Automotive
  • Dr. Curtis Hayslips
  • Dr. Don Spillers
  • FRITO Lay
  • Express Automotive
  • Byron Baptist Church